Puerto Rico Travel Guide

The Spanish speaking island of Puerto Rico is only slightly bigger  than Delaware, the 3rd smallest state in the US. The Island is less than  100 miles long with only 30 miles between the north and south coast,  but has a population nearing 4 million.

Whether you’re visiting Puerto Rico for the sand or scenery you will  not be disappointed. With breathtaking mountains views, lush rainforest  and cascading waterfalls all surrounded by miles and miles of white  sandy beaches, Puerto Rico has it all!  For the explorers in the family,  Puerto Rico’s mountainous interior, underground caves, and coral reefs  will be sure to delight.

Shoppers will not be disappointed either. The Capital city of San  Juan as well as the other cities of Puerto Rico provides shoppers with  duty free shopping, and money saving deals to be found, especially on  jewelry, gemstones,  gold and watches.  The main shopping districts  included the Waterfront, Cristo, Fortaleza and San Francisco. Prices are  lower than in the United States and most of the Caribbean islands.

Sightseers visiting Puerto Rico will love strolling down the narrow  cobbled streets with blocks of impressive colonial architecture.   History abounds in Puerto Rico with its ancient buildings and has more  monuments here than anywhere else in the Caribbean. While touring Old  San Juan you can visit historic landmarks such as the San Jose Church,  the Governor’s Mansion, and Fort San Cristobal. Even though Old San Juan  is a historian’s paradise, New San Juan is a bustling metropolitan with  modern bistros, restaurants, nightclubs with spectacular resorts and  glitzy casinos.

With placid turquoise waters Puerto Rico is ideal for snorkeling and  scuba diving or just soaking up the sun and cooling off in the ocean.   Palm trees offer plenty of shade for those just wanting to curl up with a  book while soaking up the scenery.

Although there are plenty of calms waters to be found, in the winter  Puerto Rico has some of the best surf in the region. Rincon is often  touted as one of the best surf spots to be found on the globe.  In the  winter months surfers from around the world gather to conquer waves  approaching 20 feet tall, rivaling the surf on Oahu’s north shore.  However, when summer approaches the waves diminish on the Puerto Rico  northwest beaches and once again become the perfect spots for swimming,  windsurfing and snorkeling.